Couples & Family Therapy

Bob supports each partner in communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully so that there is space for them to negotiate, compromise, and understand the other person’s point of view. He also facilitates couples to explore what they each bring into the relationship that supports or inhibits the relationship. This helps each individual to identify and explore their existential themes.

In addition, there is an exploration of how each person may project their own themes onto their partner, as well as where their concerns may reflect each other. For instance, they can both have an existential theme of “I am afraid of being rejected”. In couples therapy, they can each sort out what their own concerns are around rejection, both within their present relationship as well as what gets triggered from their past experiences of rejection. With these awarenesses, they can choose healthier ways to deal with feelings of rejection in the present and future.

By identifying and working through their existential themes together, they become allies for each other’s individual growth, as well as advocates for the growth of their partnership.

Family therapy follows the same model as couples therapy, but includes some to all members of the family. Bob supports each family member to communicate openly and honestly and to identify and explore their existential themes. Included in this process is exploring the struggles that go on between parents and children, with the aim of discovering a more common ground and respectful understanding of each other’s feelings and needs.