Bob provides workshops for professionals, students and interns. If you would like more information on any of these workshops and/or if you would like to be added to the email list so that you are notified the next time a workshop is scheduled, please contact Bob.

Upcoming 1-Day Workshop w/ Bob Edelstein, LMFT, MFT

Deepen Your Therapeutic Work Using an Existential-Humanistic Perspective

Friday, February 24th 9-12pm and 1-4p
Hosted Reception 4-5pm
CEs: $150 (6 CEs for full day); $100 (3 CEs, morning or afternoon)

Lewis and Clark Graduate Campus Lloyd Building #107
The workshop is sponsored by the Oregon Mental Health CE/U Consortium.


This workshop is open to all levels.
The day is split up into two sessions, with 3 CEs available for each session.
Space is limited.

Morning session:
· Core Existential-Humanistic Concepts
· Inward Searching
· Authentic Connection
· The work of Jim Bugental, PhD
· The work of Irv Yalom, MD

Afternoon session:
Philosophical Frames:
· Being versus Doing
· Process versus Content
Relationship Attitudes:
· I-Thou Relationship
· Intention and/or Resistance  
Therapeutic Skills:
· Deep Listening
· Mirror the Client’s Process


Group: Every year Bob offers ten-month Case Consultation Groups for professionals. (25 CEs should be available; registered interns seeking LPC/LMFT licensure will qualify for 25 group supervision hours.) Groups start in September and run through June. Group size is limited to six participants. Please contact Bob if you would like to join the next group, or if you would like to be notified when the next series opens for enrollment.


Deepen Your Therapeutic Work Using an Existential-Humanistic Perspective

  • A 1-day workshop exploring key principles of the Existential-Humanistic Perspective through lecture, discussion, demonstration, and experiential exercises.
  • Therapists will become aware of the importance of working with the here and now in both the intra-psychic and interpersonal realms within the therapeutic container
  • Therapists will understand the need for client resistances and learn ways to effectively engage with these resistances to facilitate growth
  • 6 CEs may be available


Authentic Engagement: A Radical Way of Being In the World

  • A one-day personal growth workshop focusing on self discovery and authentic relating
  • Experiential learning in a group context
  • Limited to twelve people per workshop


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